Heart Rhythm Problems

Over recent years, the range of investigations and treatments available for palpitations, blackouts and other heart rhythm problems has changed dramatically, with increasingly focused specialist training. This gives patients the opportunity to see heart rhythm specialists (Cardiac Electrophysiologists) who have devoted years of training towards being equipped to personally deliver integrated care across the continuum of non-invasive and invasive tests. Such specialists can manage heart rhythm problems with medication (tablet treatment), cardiac devices (treatment with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators) and ablation (procedural treatment).


This website provides information about the procedures that can be undertaken by an Electrophysiologist to investigate and treat heart rhythm problems. It is intended to help patients affected by heart rhythm problems to dicsuss treatment options with their doctor or specialist. It should also be useful to help patients and their families prepare for any procedural treatment plan.


This information is provided by Cardiac Electrophysiologists: